• University of Texas at El Paso
    Sports Medicine
    "The Boost treadmill doesn’t get a day off!!! We have been using it with all our sports and are very happy with it. " - Dawn Hearn (Director of Sports Medicine - Football)
  • Hope College
    "Hope College Women's Basketball team won the Division III National title this past weekend in Pittsburgh. The Boost treadmill was a staple to the off-season and I season training programs. Thanks for a great piece of technology to help the dreams of the team and these young women come true. " - Tim Koberna (Head Athletic Trainer)
  • University of Washington
    Track & Field/ Cross Country
    “We use our Boost Treadmill as part of our weekly training runs. It’s a good, secure way for us to train. It helps keep us fit and healthy. By staying injury-free, we save money on MRIs and physical therapy for our athletes as well.” - Andy Powell
  • Arizona State
    Women's Basketball
    “The Boost allows us to modify the training in several individuals with lower extremity injuries, allowing them to train hard and increase their fitness without loading their joints.” - Diana Padilla (Head Athletic Trainer)
  • Huntington University
    Track & Field/ Cross Country
    “We utilize the Boost technology so our athletes can perform their recovery sessions on the treadmill to speed up recovery while still providing an aerobic benefit. This type of treadmill, with its technology base, is extremely important in our quest for optimal performance.” - Nick Johnson (Head Cross country Coach)
  • Northwestern
    Boost Treadmills have been a great addition to our sports medicine and sports performance programs! We are thrilled with the opportunities the product provides for rehabilitation, recovery, and performance enhancement for all of our sports teams. Their customer service has been excellent and we will continue to look to Boost in the future to support innovation and excellence in our program.
  • West Virginia University l Cross Country and Track and Field
    The Boost has been one of the best investments I’ve made with our financial resources to elevate our program. From enhancing training to optimizing health to elevating performance, not a day goes by that we don’t maximize our usage. - Coach Sean Cleary
  • Clemson University| Sports Medicine
    Being able to de-load our athletes and continue to train their cardiovascular system during the rehab process has allowed us to return athletes to sport ready to play.
  • University of Missouri | Track & field
    The Boost has elevated the level of training surrounding our program, while also allowing for greater control over recovery days. The correlation between training, racing, and overall health have improved measurably.
  • University of Portland | Track & Field
    The Boost has been fantastic for us! The athletes love it because it’s easy to use and super comfortable to run on. It has really allowed our athletes to train at a high level and avoid injury. It gives anyone who is more fragile or can’t run that much a chance to get into really good shape without the pounding. It’s also an amazing deal since it comes with a Woodway treadmill and you get excellent customer service from Boost. I highly recommend it! - Ian Solof (Women's Distance Coach)
  • Bowerman Track Club
    Inside the Nike Sports Center, Shelby is watching Game of Thrones on an iPad while easing into an hour on a Boost treadmill. Coming off her two mile victory at the 2019 USATF Indoor Championships, she’s nursing a bit of a bum foot that has required her to fill her days with light jogging and heavy cross training.
  • Milligan College | Cross Country and Track & Field
    We’re obviously impressed with the Boost 1 Treadmill and what it offers our program, but what also stood out was the first-class customer service we received from day one. - Chris Layne (Head Coach)
  • Cedarville University | Cross Country and Track & Field
    The Boost machine has given us a cross-training option most specific to running. Our high mileage guys are able to have a day of long, easy running without the stress and pounding of the roads. It has allowed several of our guys to get back into racing instead of spending time in rehab. -Paul Orchard (Head Coach)
  • Kevin Mcdowell
    Professional Triathlete
    I just wanted to follow-up and say how much I’ve benefited from the Boost treadmill! I did a big race block in May and the majority of my training beforehand was on it with me coming back from injury. The races exceeded my expectations and I am actually running the best I ever have to date after this minimal running land running/Boost use. I was able to podium in a World Cup in Italy and almost pulled off the win...we are still implementing the Boost treadmill in my training even with me being completely healthy now. It’s great for getting the turnover going and speed work without the big demands land running can have. Since triathlon already requires a lot of hours of training this just helps minimize risks.
  • University of Tennessee Soccer
    They allow our players to get fast, yet unweighted, runs in…without the pounding and normal wear and tear that comes with running on a standard treadmill. And most importantly, our kids love the Boost…they are gaining confidence from these workouts. Most of them run at 10-12 mph, which we term High-Speed Running (HSR) in Soccer. They know this running will translate to the soccer field. And again, doing so without the constant pounding. So whether it’s kids who are returning from a lower-body injury, or kids just wanting to do extra conditioning, the benefits are immense!  -Brian Pensky (Head Coach)